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Version Java 1.13.x
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Country United Kingdom
Types RoleplayPvETowny

- Interested in Minecraft? Also coincidentally interested in Roleplay? - In which you can take on the role of fictional characters crafted only by your imagination?

- Then hey this is the place for you! Start out as a student, at the age of 13, develop your character, become something you only dream of in real life. Run a business, become a teacher, join the Police Force and more! 4000+ members!


- Features such as: Working Cars, Apartments, Homes, Train Stations, Free-Mode/Official Events within the City of 'Karakura カラクラ' and more..

- We'd be more than happy to have you here! If you want to just get a feel for the server before diving in headfirst. Sit back, relax and take a look at a few videos made about it:

1) - "BULLIED ON MY FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL! (Minecraft Roleplay)"