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Welcome to PrisonicMC, a brand new prison and factions experience specifically designed to keep players entertained at all times!

During your stay, you will be dealing with:

Prison System: You are a prisoner who must advance through the ranks in the mines, mining rare ores and selling them for money. Don't worry, you will have access to custom and interesting bombs to help you in your duty!

Drugs: As an unusual feature in a prison server we have drugs! You are now able to cultivate your own drugs at home and sell them in order to get profit. There are several types and they differ in growth speed, animations, selling price and more!

Guilds and Guild Wars: As you get through the prison ranks you may want to join a guild and help your guildmates defend their base and conquer others in the guild wars! Two guilds, two bases, lots of players face off in a deadly battle for your guild's supplies!

Crates: By chance when mining or buying ranks you will get various classes of crates, which can give you lots of fun rewards, which can be purely aesthetical or even donator ranks!

Discord: if you have any questions or want to join our community discord
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Supports MC 1.12-1.15

Were Excited to see you on the server today! and we hope you have found a new experience that you really enjoy!